I think I need a grill

grill with meat on it

I am not talking about an indoor grill as I wrote about before but a grill for outdoor on my patio.

I love to cook all kinds of meals and I also like to use my indoor grill. However, I have never used an outdoor grill too much.

Why do I think I need a grill?

I am always looking for more recipes and ways to cook differently. Outdoor cooking was never a way of food preparation I thought too much about.

What made this change was a program I watched on Netflix about pitmasters. Just for the readers who are not familiar with this term. A pitmaster is a person (man or woman) that takes care of the fire and the cooking on the grill.

While watching that show I came up with so many ideas to cook with a grill that I got all enthusiastic about the idea of cooking all kinds of food outside on a grill.

That was the final reason for me to decide to buy a grill.

What kind of grill do I need?

As soon as I started to research about what grill was the best for me I was overwhelmed by the amount of information and the types of grills you can buy.

I found out that just for the fuel you have choices galore. I found wood, charcoal, propane gas, natural gas, electricity, and after that, I stumbled upon something called pellet grills.

As soon as I started to read about all the pros and cons of the different types of fuel to use for a grill I knew it was not charcoal. That would be messy and a lot to deal with and that was not what I was looking forward to.

That narrowed it down to propane gas until I read more about pellet grills and how they work.

My choice of grill.

I was convinced that a pellet grill would be the easiest grill for me. If you have never heard of them here is what a pellet grill is and does.

They are just like other grills but use hardwood pellets as a heat source. Yeah, no messing with charcoal or getting heavy propane tanks.

The pellets are fed into the grill and burn there. This heats up the grill to the temperature you like it to be.

What I like is that you just set the temperature and the grill does the rest. The only thing that scared me a little is that you need electricity to run it. Outdoors I don’t like that too much but everyone mentioned it was safe to use.

My brand of pellet grill.

Now I decided on a pellet grill it was time to pick my brand. Since I also had a budget to work with I had to start my research for the brand I could afford and still was good enough.

I started reading and reading for a long time and while doing this I found the website better grills. On that website, I found a well-written and researched review of Z-grills pellet grills.

Not only did I find out there that they were made in the same factory as the well-known Traegers. This should mean that they were of comparable quality.

Now I had my mindset on a Z-grills pellet grill I had to decide on the model and that was pretty easy. All I had to do was look at how large they were and pick the one that would fit my size family.

My experience.

I have not used it many times but the times I have used the Z-grill I was very happy with the result.

My plan now is, since I get a little more experience and feel more confident, to start with smoking meat also. Grilling is great and gave me a lot more options to cook but smoking will even add more to that arsenal.

I will keep you posted about my experience with this pellet grill and what I cook with it.

Jose Moore.

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