My Dog Is Getting Older

my dog

Although I am fairly young my dog is getting older. I got my dog Mopsy from an animal shelter and she was not a young puppy when I got here but already a little older.

The reason I wanted an older dog is that I did not have the time or energy to raise a puppy at that time. When I was at the animal shelter she caught my eye and I instantly fell in love with her friendly eyes and personality.

After I was able to pick her up a few days later I did all the things a dog owner does and throughout the almost 6 years I have had my Mopsy now we became very attached to each other.

What happened?

We try to take a long walk every day for the simple reason that it is something we both need. I need it to clear my mind after a long day and Mopsy just needs the exercise and running after a quiet day at home.

Recently I started to notice that she was starting to have a little bit of a hard time getting up. It took her a little longer to get off her blanket that she is used to lay on.

At first, I thought she was just a little stiff and it would go away. For some time it did but after a while, it got a little worse and I decided to take her to the veterinarian.


I had to take half a day off to take her to my local animal clinic and have her examined. According to that, there was not much more wrong with her than that she was just getting a tad older.

We talked for a while about what I could do about it and they advised me to get another type of dog bed. One that was not on the floor but was raised. In that way, the cold from the floor could not reach her and this would keep her muscles warmer.

My research

I did what all of us do and started reading online on what the best-raised dog beds are. During my research, I stumbled upon a website called pet bed finder and they had a whole section with raised dog beds with stairs and if you are interested you can find it here

Although I am not sure if the stairs will work for Mopsy and I have to see how that works. If the steps are too hard on here I can always change it to a raised dog bed.

Either of these options will keep her off the cold floor and keep her muscles warmer.

I have not decided on a particular model yet but I am sure that it will help my dog to stay healthy longer and not being in pain to get up after laying down for a longer period of time.

Tips and Ideas?

If you have any experience with dogs getting older and having muscle pain because they lay on the cold floor and came up with a solution feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

I am sure I am not the only one with this problem. Thank you for reading my writing and I hope to hear something back

Jose Moore

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