My Plan For Lawn Maintenance

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Every year I have been struggling to keep my grass in shape. I like to have a nice cut lawn and so far there is not much of a problem.

Every year I work on my lawnmower and give it a good tune-up. I change the oil, put a new oil filer and air filter in there. Some times I even clean out the gas tank.

That in combination with having my battery on a trickle charger all winter takes care of that problem.

What did not worked?

You might think what is he talking about it seems that he has it all figured out. For as much as mowing you are right but when it comes to my weed eater that is a completely different story.

What did not work was my weed eater. That thing always gave me a lot of op trouble every spring.

It does not matter what I did. Storing it straight up. Emptying the gas tank or, like I did one year, keep the gas in there and add some fuel stabilizer. Nothing worked and every spring I had a hard time to get the thing started.

What I am changing.

I have been thinking for a while to change to a battery-powered weed eater. However, I needed to do a lot of research before I finally decided to make the switch. I found a nice review of a cordless weed eater and this is what I found out there.

Basically, you can buy a battery-operated weed wackers that come with a rechargeable battery.

There are also whole sets that contain not just the weed eater, but also a leaf blower and sometimes a hedge trimmer.

Why I need a weed eater.

Some people do not need a weed eater. However, my yard has a lot of little corners and around my vegetable garden it is hard to mow also.

A few years ago I had a corded weed eater but that was even harder than the gas-powered one. Except that it always was ready to start.

But rolling out one of sometimes 2 extension cords was also not the optimal way and quit annoying to do.

By doing it this way it took me about halve a day to mow the yard and we only have halve an acre.

My experience with rechargeable weed eaters

There are a few things you have to keep in mind when you switch to any battery powered appliances.

You have to make sure they are charged before you use them!

In the beginning, I forgot that a few times and learned my lesson. Now I charge it as soon as I am done with using it. That saved me a lot of aggravation because of my own mistake.

Before switching you also have to think about how much time you need to use any weed eater. For a large yard you might need to rethink it or maybe invest in an extra battery.

Luckily many brands offer the option to buy more batteries and even extra chargers.

I like my battery operated and rechargeable weed eater. It also holds enough charge for me to do my whole yard in one time.

I am still thinking about buying a lead blower in the same series and since it comes with its own charger and battery it will give me the option to have two batteries ready for use.

If you have any experience with using one of the weed eaters feel free to let the readers know in the comments.

Jose Moore

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