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I have been working from home now a while and it seems that it will be a lot longer before I can go back to work.

I work in a small office where it is hard to keep the recommended social distancing. This means that I probably have to keep working from home for a long time. Unless this virus all of the sudden disappears.

My food on a daily basis

Although I always enjoyed going to the grocery store after work and buy some fresh vegetables and meat to cook for supper I am ordering more online now than I ever did before.

Before this, I might have ordered the occasional pizza on a weekend night but that is about all.

Research about food delivery

Although I basically have not been blogging here too long you might know that I like to eat healthily and try to stay away from junk food as much as I can.

I found several websites that review food and in particular meal delivery services and I found one that I liked very much. They wrote about a service called Fresh ‘n Lean. If you like it you can read that review here https://couchpotatodelivery.com/meal-delivery/fresh-n-lean/.

What I liked is that the Fresh and Lean company cooks quality meals and ships them frozen to my house.

There are different meals every week and I can choose what I like to eat. I alternate one week I order meals with meat and the other week I don’t eat meat with my meals.

I can also order just single meals to have even more variety.

My new way of cooking

Now all I do when my meal arrives is heat it up in the microwave or sometimes I use the oven. Depending on what type of meal I am heating up.

I like the idea that there is not much cleaning up to do after dinner.

My husband is more of a meat eater than I am and he orders the meals that has meat with them.

New Plan

I have been reading more now about food and healthy eating than I ever did before. Simply because I don’t have to drive back and forth to the office and this save me about 90 minutes a day.

I am thinking about going on a Keto diet and I have seen that Fresh n Lean also offers meals for this.

I have been doing a lot of reading about the Keto diet and I believe that this will fit my lifestyle perfectly.

I believe actually that this is more the way our grandparent ate. The fats they ate gave them energy and helped to stay in a good shape with not much over weight.

The modern diets that we should follow according to all the science does not make too much sense to me. If you see all the people who weigh too much I think there is something wrong there.

My ancestors and their food

As I mentioned above my parents and grand parents had a totally different way of eating and where not over weight at all. This alone should be proof that we are doing something wrong with our diet now.


I am the type of person that if I go for something I go all the way and I think that my new diet will be the same and that I will write a lot about it here.

So, if you like to follow my steps to a new healthy me I hope you come back here to see how I am doing.

Jose Moore

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